Child Welfare Advocacy

Helping those who are most at risk.

East Indian Woman with their son and infant daughterThe Family Life Center provides parenting education and support to individuals who are involved with Division of Children Protection & Permanency (DCP&P) and may have had substantiated cases of abuse or are at risk of abuse and  Group activities are designed to foster positive parent/child interaction. Parents are encouraged to bring their children.

Services for Parents:

• Nurturing Parenting education classes

• Referral and linkage to community supports

• Stress, anger and household management educational sessions

• Transportation is available to all parents and children who reside in Atlantic County

Services for Children:

• Supervised parent-child interaction sessions

• Age appropriate child development and recreational activities

• Homework assistance

For additional information, contact 1-877-272-2331.

*All families must be referred through the Division of Children Protection & Permanency (DCP&P).