Device Free Dinner Campaign

Let’s make dinner time about family again.

Are smartphones, TV, video games and other devices a frequent distraction at the table?dfd2

Try the #DeviceFreeDinner Challenge, and make dinner a time for family!

The campaign, and its Family Dinner Project extension, offers a 4 week program with tips for parents to reduce the distractions that devices like smartphones try, televisions and video games cause during family dinners.

Dinnertime is a sacred occasion for families to come together and bond. Our ultimate goal is to relinquish the hold of technology on our families and make dinner a time for connection again.

According to the non-profit Family Dinner Project:

  • 92 percent of parents think quality dinner conversations help develop connections with their children.
  • 88 percent of adults say it’s not OK to use a phone at a family dinner.
  • 58 percent of parents worry that electronic devices are hurting conversation.
  • 47 percent of parents said they or a family member used a mobile device at dinner in the last week.

You can make a difference by silencing and setting devices aside each day at dinner. Put the focus back where it belongs – on family togetherness!

Take the #DeviceFreeDinner pledge for your family today, then start your family’s 4-week project.

See Cindy Herdman-Ivins, President/CEO, talk about what inspired our Device Free Dinner Campaign in this interview.